Friday 17 January 2014

Refrigerator Box

So I've been working away since my children have been occupied with their new toy courtesy of the neighbours and their renovations.
A refrigerator box is the ultimate play thing.
It's a spaceship, a house, a Batcave...

A place where you can hide from mom and eat a WHOLE bag of CHOCOLATE!!!

I should have known. I emerged from my quilting haze and it was quiet. Like a birds-gone-silent-in-the-forest kind of quiet.
I called their names a couple of times and had no answer. I might mention here that I was standing not five feet from the box at the time.
Then I heard voices. Voices discussing whether they should answer me.
I found them covered in chocolate and wrappers (Hersey Special Dark- what kid eats that!)
Needless to say dinner didn't go over so well (since they'd already eaten their weight in chocolate).

So if you had a crappy week, find a box and a bag of chocolates and go hide for the weekend. Just make sure your mother doesn't catch you!

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