Saturday 11 January 2014

Finish Along 2014- Heaven Help Me, This is the List!

I'm one of those type of people that have a lot of things on the go or nothing at all. I'm like 20 minutes early or late. I'm super starving or not hungry. I have to watch every season of a show on Netflix all at once, or I don't watch anything for weeks. I have like a thousand projects to do or none.

I have like a thousand projects to do.

That's why I'm so glad that Katy at The Littlest Thistle is hosting this Finish-Along because I need it.
When I thought about the what to include for the FAL, I was only going to list the unfinished projects I thought I would get done, but now I think go big or go home, right?

Right, well at least they'll be staring at me in cyber space taunting my with their undoneness.

And I love making to-do lists. It's like my favourite thing in the world, especially when you get to cross one off the list. It feels great! (You know it does, so don't even pretend it doesn't! Sometimes I even write things down on my to-do lists just so I can cross them off.)

So here it is:
1. What I'm calling the Reception quilt. Need to finish FMQing it and put a binding on it.
2. Star Wars quilt. Was supposed to be done for Christmas. Enough said..
3. Feathers quilt. Part of a QAL, which means hopefully if I follow the deadlines it'll get done.
4. Clam quilt. Pulled this bundle and downloaded the pattern for it. Um.. yeah.. we'll see... It has curves, just saying.
5. 241 Tote. Ordered material specifically for this and bought the pattern. Haven't even printed the pattern off the computer.
6. Union Jack quilt. Pulled the fabric and promised it to my sister.
7. Disapearing 9-Patch quilt. Started this for fun. Promised it to my other sister. Now what......good thing I only have two sisters.
8. Triangle quilt. I re-purposed the cushion covers from the living room for this quilt. It's all cut out ready to go.
9. First quilt ever. Still needs a binding.

Now, the following projects aren't really part of the FAL and don't qualify for the prizes, but I don't care. The prize will be getting them done.  I'm putting them here for me, so I can see them and remember (cringe) every time I review this list.

1. Oil landscape. So close to being done and then it got painted on (yes, I know it's a painting and is suppose to be painted on, but by me, not others (guess who?))

2. Olliblocks. Suppose to be done for Christmas. The sanding got done and I glued some of the faces on, but that's it.

3. Smokers. They burn incense and it looks like they are smoking. It's a German tradition. I have one for Halloween and one for Christmas. Again, almost done and then some unfortunate painting happened (this time by the other guess who).

4. Log tables. Need one more coat of shellac and legs. For heaven's sake they need legs!!! (right now they are being used as stepping stones to cross and jump from couch to couch and not touch the "lava". Our living room has turned into a jungle gym).

There we have it. For better or for worse it's my list.
And it will get done.
By my big fat jeans, it WILL get done!!!

Finish Along 2014


  1. Good luck with the list! Perhaps especially the one that stops your living room being a jungle gym ;o)

    1. Erm, it might be a boy thing but in my experience, that's never gonna happen. Just saying!!!!

  2. Love your list! It's nice to see others with "ambitious" lists, glad i'm not the only one!
    Your feathers quilt is going to be amazing, love all the Dowry in there!
    And i missed giving a set of Olliblocks for Christmas too! I used all the animal heads and made a matching game. They were totally ready give except for the little fabric bag i wanted to make for them. I didn't get the bag done so the Olliblocks are still sitting on a tray hidden in my bedroom!
    I loved our lava living room growing up!


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