Monday 20 January 2014

I Love to Procreate

Have you ever had those weeks where you feel like you've been doing a million things, but you've got nothing to show for it? It's been a couple of those weeks.

When I haven't been running around like a chicken with its head cut off, I've been totally crushing on this new app for my iPad called Procreate. I promised myself that this year I would do more drawing, sketching, etc. And although drawing with an actual pencil and paper trumps drawing digitally, I am getting to like the convenience of drawing on an iPad (ie. I can sketch in my bed). Which is ironic since a few years ago I could be heard saying I'd never get a tablet and why would a person even need one, etc. Now I find I use it everyday.

If I can find it. The boys also like my iPad. And maybe the testament to how much they like it is that they haven't broken it yet.

I also love this new stylus that I got called the Bamboo Stylus Solo. It was more expensive than your regular run-of-the-mill stylus you can buy (although not as expensive as this stylus I want). The Bamboo stylus has a smaller foam tip than most of the others, which allows you to see better where you are placing your stylus. I never thought of myself as a stylus kind of person, but now I am, I so am....

Procreate is great for sketching possible paintings. I'm able to use layers to help determine what background colour I want. By changing it out the background on the sketch I save myself from having to paint over it until I get the background colour I want (and the less I have paint out and about the better).

I've worked with Sketchbook Pro before, but I like the interface of this better and it seems to have more options in terms of brush size, opacity and such. I also like that you can export pictures in both .JPEG and .PNG formats. Overall a good buy and easy to learn to use. It also is not too expensive. I think it runs for five bucks.
Of course, I'm thinking about how I can use it in quilting design.

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  1. um I need all those things..... Did you order the wacom stylus online? or find it in store?


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