Friday, 31 January 2014

First Quilt Finally Finished

Do you remember your first? 

Well, I finally finished my first (that was quite the alliteration).

Apparently I'm not that sentimental because I don't really remember much about the genesis of this quilt, or why I chose these particular colours and pattern. Frankly, because it's been that long (although to be fair half the time I can't remember what happened yesterday).

I do remember that I made the pattern up myself and thought I was being all clever, until I started to look around the Internet and saw all sorts of the same thing. Sigh... Oh well, some days I'm clever...I think...

But none of that matters as the thing is done.

Yep, fence pic again.

I gave myself permission to do nothing yesterday because I've been running around like a mad person doing heaven knows what for the past couple of weeks. I thought a day where I wasn't hauling kids in and out of a car doing like a million errands would be a good thing. You know, a time to slow down and not go anywhere. Maybe even have a nap. Gosh a nap...just the word is lovely!

More fence pics, and windy...again. Blast you North Wind!

So in my "free" time I decided I was going to finish this quilt that has been sitting around forever. It just needed a binding for heavens sake. But my problem has been my indecisiveness on what colour the binding should be. Geez, you might think I was deciding which arm to cut off.

Finally, when I decided yesterday what colour I wanted for the binding, I of course didn't have what I wanted at home. That meant we had to go 'somewhere'. Then I decided if I was headed to the city I'd do some other errands that needed to be done. So much for our do nothing day.
I couldn't find the exact colour I wanted for the binding at the local fabric store so I gave up and let my second in command (second son) decide. The rainbow colours actually work okay with the quilt. I used some straight stitching for the quilting. Well, I'm calling it straight stitching, some aren't quite so... um... straight. But it was my first time, so you know, it was sloppy and awkward as most first times are.
But in the end it got done. I used a zigzag stitch on the binding. I don't mind the look and using that stitch was quick.
The quilt itself is a survivor of one of great paint disasters of 2013 (see here and scroll down a little, if you dare). I should make it a T-shirt that says "I Survived Paint Disaster No. infinity". Seriously, I can't believe it came through the whole ordeal with a small little smidgen of paint. The quilt was destined for someone else, but it now belongs to the person who got paint on it.

This also qualifies as my first finish of my FAL list. Hurray!

Linking up with all the finishers: Crazy Mom Quilts 


  1. Congratulations on the first fabulous Friday finish! Hope it will be the first of many yet to come. I love your binding choice and the quilting is beautiful. And I think you were quite clever to come up with this design for your first quilt. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Looks great, I love the quilting you chose!

  3. Fantastic quilting for your first!! I am amazed!

  4. It is lovely and the quilting is great.

  5. WOW! Congrats!!!

  6. Great quilt! Your quilting looks great!

  7. Congrats on finishing your first!
    And i can't believe that you picked that quilting for your first, ambitious and amazing!

  8. Great quilting and I love the binding!

  9. What a great quilt! I love how the quilting adds great texture, but also like the white is further away than the print.

  10. Looks great! I love the quilting and I LOVE the rainbow binding!

  11. That binding fabric is amazing! Your quilting is gorgeous too.


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