Monday 3 March 2014

Monday, Monday, la la lala la la...

Yay for Monday again, and for freezing temperatures AGAIN!! I will echo all those out there who are saying, nay who are screaming: COME ON SPRING!
And if you somewhere where the breezes are warm and wonderful- well, so, so jealous...

When the air was finally breathable and you could walk on the floors without either sticking to them, or risking life and limb, I was able to start to put some of this quilt together. I had plans to baste my star wars and feather quilt last week. But progress was impeded by a sunscreen/mosquito spray incident and the marble dust catastrophe (sigh, yeah, just don't ask). I was too busy cleaning, airing out and mopping to take pictures of either disaster, of course.

And then over the weekend I had a basting party and basted my Feathers and Star Wars quilts. Now I just have the quilt them. I look forward to doing it, yet at the same time just wish they were already done.

On Saturday, I watched/took/attended/participated (what is the right verb to use? I guess just pick one..) in a webanar on how to paint illustrations using Photoshop by Will Terry. Holy Moly! It was awesome! It had nothing to do with quilting whatsoever, but still, so much great information and inspiration. Now I want to start creating illustrations in Photoshop.

Illustration Will Terry created on webanar.

But then when will my quilts get done...sigh.. Too many things to create, not enough time in the day for my sons to nap so I can get something done. Such problems I have! (Please sense the facetiousness of that comment)(please also love that I just used the word facetiousness).

Please also have a great Monday!

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  1. Yeah for the Star Wars and Feathers! Love your illustration


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