Wednesday 12 March 2014

Lists and WIPs

 This was my list yesterday (I'm a big list person).

Yes, fabric buying is on that list. My birthday is coming up and my parents are going down to the States to visit my sister. Which means that I buy fabric for my birthday, send it to my sister for a lower shipping fee, and have my parents pick it up. It's just the way of the world my friends. (I do buy from Canadian online places lots too- Mad About Patchwork is one of my favourites). But sometimes I can't get what I want unless I pay like a million dollars to ship it here. And, um.. well you might not know this about me, but I don't have a million dollars. So, my my sister becomes my middleman and my parents mules- fabric mules that is.

Anyway, not on my list, but being worked on, usually to the neglect of the chores that are actually on the list, are the following:

241 Tote-I decided to print out the pattern and get to work on it. I'm hoping it will be big enough for me. I need a large bag, but not a honking, oversized tote, if you know what I mean. I keep changing my mind about what fabric to use. Even though I already bought fabric for it (that my sister 'muled' up for me at Christmas).

And the triangles quilt top is getting there. I repurposed some pillows on the couch to make this one, thus sparing anyone random checks at the border.

Also, if we're talking lists, for my quilty bucket list I want to make this Bargello quilt in modern solids (which will be a birthday buy for sure). I have a lot more that could go on the bucket list too, but, well, you don't want to be reading this blog forever.

I'm not sure the library will let me keep the book for that long though.... (my husband and I have this deal where he gets to match the amount of overdues I pay. Um...he has a lot of money in that little slush fund, just saying).

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  1. Fabric mules! very cute. But I do hear you. LUV that triangles project!

  2. I love the idea of you being the head of a fabric Cartel, having your mules cross international borders to supply your needs! Those are lovely fabric choices for your new tote bag, especially that Alexander Henry 'Aoi has two sisters' print. Which I know because I've had to stop myself ordering it online on more than one occasion. I've had to stop buying fabric from the US since they out up the postal charges ( I'm in the UK). I need to send some family members abroad! Good luck with a Bargello quilt, I made a small wall hanging for a Bee swap, there were a lot of seams!

    1. She is the head of a shipping cartel indeed! When I announce my dates that I am coming home, packages just randomly start to arrive at my house! It's hilarious.

  3. Seriously LOVE the way you are doing your triangle quilt!!!

  4. I haven't made the 241 (nor bought the pattern) but the problem I keep having with it is trying to find the balance between fun prints and not making it too crazy to carry out in public :D That feather print is pretty awesome though.

    The triangle quilt looks great! It's making me love those Amy Butler fabrics again, and I've got a pile of unused quilt blocks using them (and a lot of unused fabric) that I keep turning my nose up at when I'm thinking about unfinished projects that I should finish.

    1. (Okay, that was vaguely incoherent. The bit about the 241 I mean. What I was trying to say was that I sometimes think about making that bag, but haven't ever done it or even bought the pattern because I can't settle on fabrics that I think would be fun but not too crazycakes. Because I am self-conscious enough to not want a totally crazycakes bag, even if I think it looks awesome.)

  5. I have made the 241 Tote before normal size and mini size. I think the opening of the bag is a little small, but then, I have big hands and I often dig in my bag with two hands to find stuff. I was gifted a bag made with the Go Anywhere pattern and it's nice and wide at the top. It's also fairly deep.
    That said, the 241 is a gorgeous bag. And the pockets - definitely useful.

  6. The triangle quilt looks great!! Love the way you are doing it!


  7. Love your triangle quilt. Very yummy.

  8. I am a strong believe in fabric mules :) shipping costs can be outrageous! Liking the triangle quilt :)

  9. I had the chance to take a Bargello class last year but didn't and now I am kicking myself! I love them and think it is a perfect addition to the bucket list. Thanks for playing along this month and linking up your list! I'm having a blast and am so inspired by all of the gorgeous quilts out there!

  10. My first thought: I need a mule sister in the States. Second thought: oh no, my stash would get so big I would need a second house.
    I love the colours of your triangles, that will be very nice!

  11. I want all the deets for the 241 bag. It's on my list!
    I've had fabrics for the super tote pattern cut and ready for almost a year now and still haven't made it.
    Not really sure why, just haven't. And good call on the feathers, it's going to be awesome!


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