Tuesday 11 March 2014

Olliblocks Finish

Finally, these got done too. My boys are actually playing with them, although that won't last long.

What is it with kids and getting bored of new toys in like five minutes!? (I say as I tire of my iPad and ask my husband for a Wacom tablet for my birthday).

You can download the PDF for the Olliblocks blocks here. They are quite cute and fun.

I even made a simple drawstring bag to carry them all in. And then I made another one, because the first was too small. Because I eye-balled the measurements of the first. Who does that?! Apparently, me... Since measuring is something other people do. I just like to make things twice I guess, hehe.

Anyway, done and out of my hair, out of the sewing/sunroom, now underfoot all the time. So, now I just seem to be picking them up all the time. Maybe I shouldn't have finished them...

And even though these aren't an official finish to my FAL list that can be counted towards prizes or anything, they are a finish on the list. So thpppt... to you FAL list!


  1. Those are super cute! What lucky kids. :)

  2. These are the cutest!! Yours look fantastic :)


  3. Huzzah!! You finally finished them... and guess what? I finished mine too!!
    I gave them to Max for his birthday, still need to blog about that, maybe i'll squeeze that one in tonight.
    Love that you made the drawstring bag. I went with open wide zip pouch for ours. Max has a thing for zippers right now!


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