Thursday, 27 February 2014

Because..Just Because.

After weeks of enjoying reading random blogs, I decided to join the fun and add one of my own. Here is some of the randomness happening in our neck of the woods.

What I found when I walked into my boys room this week. Yep, that's a Lego figure stuck in the wall.   Because.    Just because.

Apparently, the hole the Lego figure was stuck in wasn't the only one. Upon further inspection of the house numerous holes were found. Good thing we have door stoppers. Otherwise, what would go through the door when its flung open and banged into by rambunctious boys. Totally at a lost as to how to fix this...these...

Finally, have you seen my friend Dave? He's on the Canadian bobsled team (the one without all the hair and beards). He, well his wife, lent me his bobsled jacket to wear when I was pregnant with the second kid. Bobsledder's jackets are great. They're large, long and warm. Perfect for prego ladies in winter, or I suppose bobsledders.

Dave's team came in ninth in the Olympics (last Olympics they won the bronze). Which is fantastic! If he was faster than the time it takes you to blink they could have been medal contenders. The other Canadian bobsled that was favoured to do well actually flipped over, so Dave and his buddies did well to stay upright and do as well as they did. Congrats on your Olympics, Dave!

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  1. Oh my... See, when I was pregnant both times, I wished for girls. I wished for girls HARD. I got my wish, but I must tell you, while I didn't have holes in my walls from legos or anything else really and girls were probably easier for me to deal with as littles, I've dealt with so much female anguish since they got into their teen years that I think I'd have been okay with the holes. ;-) I hear boys are easier to deal with than girls as teens, FWIW!

    Found my way here from Really Random Thursday, and I'm glad I did. Love the wedding quilt from your other post--really stunning!


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