Monday 10 February 2014

What I'm Loving (or Not)

Despite the enduring cold, we finally got to the library this week.  Not loving the cold by the way, but maybe then I shouldn't live where for eight months of the year the air makes my face hurt.

Anyway, I've pretty much borrowed every book the library has on quilting, usually many at a time. I'm somewhat of a bibliophile (I'll let you look that one up), and the library has saved me from spending hundreds of dollars on books. Although, we won't go into how many overdue fines we pay, but suffice it to say that somewhere we have probably built a library. During our most recent trip I picked up theses two books.

 I've never really looked into the art quilt scene and these were fun books to look through.

Some of the quilts in these books are amazing. They are nothing that you would ever want to use on your bed (or maybe you would). And although many do not appeal to my aesthetic, I can see the intrinsic artistry and craftsmanship that has gone into these pieces.

 One of the artists I really dig (sorry, can I say dig? A little bit of me really likes that word) is  Jo-Ann Golenia.

I'd totally put one of her works on my wall.

 The books aren't overly big and I wish they were larger and showed more close up detail of the works. I'm always interested in how things are made (I watch those how-things-are-made shows on TV all the time).

Also, as a random item, I'm also loving this Add-A-Quarter ruler. I can't even imagine paper piecing without it. I felt like it was a little expensive. I mean, really how much should a plastic ruler cost? But the convenience of this ruler has made up for its cost.

And that's what I'm loving (for this week at least).

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  1. I've never made an art quilt either, but that blue and green painting/dealie below the Jo-Ann Golenia has me intrigued. Machine quilting over a painting? Could be interesting!


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