Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Tauntauns and Sunnysides

On our way home from picking up the eldest kid yesterday I saw a kid step off the bus in shorts. It's -35 degrees Celsius with a wind chill.

Welcome to Canada, where the teenagers are either brain dead or too lazy to change after basketball practice. Or we are all really used to it being cold. All Canadians nod in sage agreement at the Echo Base Officer who says: Your Tauntaun will freeze before you reach the first marker! (sorry I live with Star Wars constantly, sometimes it just comes out). 

And you know the part where Han and Luke crawl into the Tauntaun to keep warm? Well supposedly my great-grandfather used the same technique. Not with a Tauntaun, but with his horse one night when he got lost in a blizzard looking for a lost cow. The cow ended up safe back at the farm. My great-grandfather Orzie (yep, that was his name), also claims that in the morning he awoke to coyotes (he says wolves) gnawing on the carcass that he was hiding out in (which is somewhat believable). Then, according to him, he grabbed their tails and they pulled him back to the farm, with him guiding them using their tails (not so believable). But its a good story to tell the kiddies.

Anyway, despite or because of the cold, I pulled out these lovelies today. Made out of Sunnyside by Moda, which is a nice name and thought on a day like today (or um.. I guess any other day of the eight months of winter we have here). They have been sitting waiting for me to do something with them. I figured it was time. I pulled them out and then they sat in a new spot. Of course.

But I resolve to do something with them this next week. Last fall I picked up a couple of charm packs and for want of something better to do I sewed them up into disappearing nine patch blocks. Then my sister said she really liked the material so it has become a quilt for my sister of course. So far I've go three options (several people who think they are funny have already asked me if there's a difference. Ha. Ha.  Yes there is.)

Sorry for the dark pics- its winter and we live with no light.
So far my other sister and I are leaning to the one layout on the right. Although the middle layout is larger. Look closely and give me your vote if you want!

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  1. Love those colors. I think I like the second option best.

  2. Your top is coming along nicely. I love the colors, and the white offsets them nicely. I like the randomness of the middle option. Good luck with galactic battle!

  3. I like the middle one, how the colours vary from light in one corner to darker on the opposite corner. I just made a quilt with a layout like that dark to light and I loved it. That's also how my Feathers quilt will be. Hmm, maybe I need to shake things up a bit. Go for the far right ;)

  4. I'm with you and your sis on the right one! Love the colour placement! And your grandfather's story... um, awesome!

  5. Love the gradients on the one on the right. Just finishing up my Sunnyside blocks and will have to try that layout!


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