Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Wow, where has the week gone, seriously!
And.... still working on this.

Are your tired of seeing this, because I am. It needs to get done. I can't even take good pictures of it for crying out loud! But instead I've been doing these.

I think sewing bags may be my quilt avoidance mechanism.
A Sew Together bag for my mom and two open wide zippered pouches for a sweet girl.

In the meantime, I've been cleaning up thread. The boys emptied like half a spool dragging it all over the house pretending it was spiderwebs (while pretending to be Spiderman of course). Who says that thread just has to be for sewing I guess!

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  1. The bags are wonderful--very bright and colorful.

  2. Brilliant wip's, I love your Sew Together bag. I'm really trying to resist making one for myself as I see them all pop up on IG!

  3. Lovely quilt layout! I really want to make one of those Sew Together bags, looks a bit tricky though!

  4. Oooh very nice layout for the Sunnyside fabrics! I love that line and am hoarding a charm pack, honeycomb and several yards, haha. Must...use... Those bags are great! I'm hoping to get one from a swap I'm in so I don't have to buy the pattern and make my own, haha.

  5. Maybe we should make it a race to the finish!

  6. I like your projects and I do understand putting things off! ;)

  7. Your mom's sew together bag turned out awesome!! Love the domino dots!
    But i need to know what's inside the other compartment!! Is it the dots again?!
    Love the zip pouches too, that Tula is perfect! It's funny, i do the same thing when i'm avoiding a project. I have a house full of zip pouches, and half finished projects!

  8. well i've never seen it before and I think it looks fab!! Great pouches too, i need to make a sew together bag!

  9. quilt avoidance mechanism? Love that one! It's new to me! Ha, ha! How delightful it must be to live with Spidey and brother. Get back to work on that Sunnyside quilt, girlfriend! I am sew looking forward to seeing how that one turns out. But the bags are sew pretty and do look like they were fun to make!

  10. How about this: you send me some squares, and I'll sew them together for you in exchange for a bag! I am in dire need of a thread catch bag (not because of spidermen, but because of holy paper piecing, batman!). Your bags are awfully cheery. I've never attempted a bag. I think the zipper has got me a bit intimidated. As for project avoidance, that's why I like to have many projects going at once. When I get sick of one, I put it aside and pick up a different one. My design wall doesn't hold on to the blocks as well as yours, though. Mine all fall in a pile on the floor about day 3. Good luck!


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