Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Always a Work-In-Progress

Its been a while since I've posted. I feel like I have no time to sew, let alone post anything.
Because I've been busy. The ubiquitous excuse. Is it really true though?

My list of to-dos seems to just get longer and time seems like such a fickle thing. I feel like I never have enough, although I could recount to you the number of naps I've had last week (three- three NAPS!!! unbelievable, unheard of....) and I read the new Alan Bradley novel (great Canadian author, I mean, really, he had me when the first book I read opened with his main character imagining her funeral and all the people who would miss her- which come on, who hasn't- and the character's name is Flavia and she's eleven and likes to poison her sisters... need I say more). I feel guilty that I've been doing those things instead of blogging, but really come on, priorities people. Naps first, blogs last.

When I haven't been lounging around, I have been sewing some things though. I managed to finish two Sew Together Bags (downloaded the pattern from Craftsy here). There were a plethora of birthdays last week, like an epidemic really, and I thought some bags for each of the ladies who were having said birthdays would be a great gift.

Of course, I only managed to get a couple pics of the one I did for my friend (bad ones at that). She's a big Union Jack fan, so I pieced one together for the exterior and then used some fabric panels I had for the interior. The other bags were sewn under the wire and hastily thrown in gift bags and given away (I know, I put a bag into a gift bag, it felt ridiculous, but I did it anyway).

My sewing machine hates sewing through anything thicker than a piece of paper, so trying to do the bindings on these things was H-E-double-hockey-sticks. I have one left to go for my mother, although I'm not sure about the fabric selection for it (sigh).

Also, my eldest ripped the cover on his Pokemon card binder (surprise, surprise). So I said I'd recover it for him. I got a paper piece pattern off of Fandom In Stiches, and am trying to finish the rest for tomorrow when its Pokemon trading day at school (I know, I know, how on earth is Pokemon still a thing, but it is).

Then, THEN, ALL my fabric that I've been sending to my sister for the past like forever, finally muled it's way up here (seriously, I won't even tell you the amount of stuff they brought up for us- obscene really- and thankfully the customs lady was nice and only made them pay tax and duty on part of the goods, which was still waaaaay cheaper than shipping it all to us).

The Kool-Aid is for dying Easter eggs (even though Easter is over). I think that the Canadian rules for food dyes and artificial flavours is a lot more strict because I can't find half the Kool-Aid flavours here that you can find in the States- if I can find it at all (also the reason why there's no blue in Fruit Loops cereal up here- although for a limited time they have a special edition with the blue. Which I didn't buy for my children despite their cries that we never get any good cereal).

Anyway, part of the fabric haul was this delicious stack of In the Beginning Modern solids that I scooped up from Pink Chalk Fabrics. I have big plans for this. BIG PLANS!

And I'm glad that the weather is finally nicer and the boys can go out to play so I can sew in relative peace. Although they have just exported their atrocities to the outdoors now.

I'm calling it terrestrial terrorism, like Eco-terrorists, except they hurt the earth instead of protect it through random acts of destruction. Never mind we own a sandbox that sits not ten feet away from this dug up piece of turf. Put 'buy grass seed' on my list of to-dos....

So little time....
Linking up, because, you know, life... the eternal WIP.

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  1. Wow you're a busy bee! I love the sew together bags! How can you go wrong gifting them?! That pile of fabric is wow! Lots of fun in the future!

  2. How fortunate you are to have someone who'll bring you fabric over the border- and such nice fabric at that. Your
    comments about your boys make me laugh. Those days are in the past for me and actually I'm quite glad they are.
    I'm waiting for one of my sons to produce grandchildren but it's not looking good at the moment.

  3. Love your Union Jack bag! I have a little thing right now for the Union Jack, but I haven't gotten as far as making one. Someday...

  4. You have me beat in the nap department by one! Your sew together bag looks awesome! I love the way you used the prints on the inside, awesome!! I think the prints you've pulled for your mom's bag are great. Love the AMH of course :)
    And really, pokemon?! Crap i hope that all dies before Sam get's to school! (my Sam that is!)
    Your big plans for the solids was to send them to me right? Right?? Dang!
    And WTH were your kids doing with sidewalk chalk and dirt, nevermind... boys :)

  5. Love the Sew Together bag! It's really fun with the Union Jack fabric selection. Great job!


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