Sunday, 6 April 2014

Stash and Scraps

Today I spent the morning going through my scraps, which then led to cleaning up the stash and trying to find spots for some of the more recent acquisitions. It's like trying to do renovations- one thing leads to another, which leads to another... You get the idea.
Scraps of Birds and Bees by Moda, Cat and the Hat by Robert Kaufman, and others that for the life of me I can't remember.

When it comes to my stash, fat quarters are my achilles heel. As in, I'm always picking up a few despite the fact that I have no plan in mind for them. Despite the fact that I always go to use them and need more- half the time they are useless to me!

Lately, I've been picking up... what you might call novelty prints. Fat quarter novelty prints of course!

Star Wars print. If you know what this is, or where I can get more, please tell me. I only bought a fat quarter...and now...yep, I need more!

I always have a soft spot for novelty prints,  and I have no idea where my desire for cute characters and pop culture images comes from, but it's there and I succumb to it every time.  (EVERY-dang-TIME!)

Wrens and Friends from Moda, Sasparilla by Riley Blake

I also find that my fat quarters lately have favoured a more pink/red colour scheme (call it my red phrase).

From left to right: unknown (because again, I only bought a fat quarter), Feathers by Alison Glass, Green Eggs and Ham by Robert Kaufman, and Crabby also by Robert Kaufman.

Look at the selvage- how cute is that!

And since I spent the day going through my stash, I thought I'd share (although you haven't even seen the shameful novelty fabric I have- think Star Trek.... I'm not even a trekkie or a fan for pete's sake!).

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  1. EEP! Love that Star Wars print. I've been working this weekend with Star Wars fabric, but it wasn't nearly as cool as yours! I want some!

  2. How cool are those crabs?! I really like Sarsparilla as well. The Wrens and Friends print you've paired them with actually work really well together!

  3. LOVE all the type fabrics. As I stare at fonts all day, I have become a typophile, and I love seeing it is fun mediums.


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