Friday, 9 May 2014

Batman Piano Bag

I wasn't kidding when I said that I recently have been in a bag mood (quilt avoidance mechanism was the term actually).

My finish for this Friday is a bag (surprise, surprise, something to do with a superhero)! A Batman bag to hold all my son's piano books. He started piano this year and our home has been filled with the melodious sounds of Hot Crossed Buns and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ever since. And the Star Wars theme, he had to learn that of course! He really enjoys piano though and I'm hoping he sticks with it.

I also made him a couple of boxy pencil cases to go with it, and to hold the felt markers he got for Christmas (yes, I realize those are Sharpies, and yes, I realize sometimes I'm my own worst enemy! Surprisingly, he hasn't coloured anything he's not suppose to and he hoards them from the young ones so they don't get them).

To make the bag, I cobbled together a few bag tutorials that I found on the web, adjusted the size to fit his piano books and viola! I used a medium weight interfacing on the bag, but not on the pencil cases. I now wish I might have on the larger boxy pouch, it probably could have used it.

And now I swear I'm done with bags (for a little bit anyway)! And since this is a blog about creation and destruction, I'll add that three weeks after we got our brand new piano last summer, the eldest "polished" it with his geode (a crystally, sharp, pointy, hard rock).

Our piano is now graced with large (and smaller) circular scratches on the front! Dum dum dum dee de de- insert Moonlight Sonata or Pathetique No.8 here..... Or watch my son's favourite, ThePianoGuys (playing what I wish wasn't a favourite of my sons... ugh...boy bands).

Have yourselves a great weekend!

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  1. Your bags have turned out beautifully! I think the piano is a perfect first instrument because it always sounds lovely :)

  2. Your bags are awesome, Jehnny! I love them! You are brave to let them have Sharpies in them too. Kudos! So glad you linked up to TGIFF!

  3. Oh, how fun! Nice set of bags.

  4. I find myself making the NO-BAG oath on occasion as well but there is something so satisfying in a one day project that is so utilitarian. You have a very lucky boy-love the bags!


  5. Hi from a fellow "New Blogger". I noticed you are also from Alberta, so had to look you up!
    Gotta love the energy of the piano guys, and at least the song your son loves is upbeat and happy! That could change in years to come, so enjoy it while you can. My kids sometimes listen to stuff that just sounds like RAHRHAHRHAHRHAHRHARRRHHAHAHRHRHRHRHAHAHAHROAR, Seriously. Anywho...nice bag and pencil cases. Totally fun for your little man. :-)

  6. Awesome!! Love that book bag, i've been thinking about making something like that for Sammy, just haven't managed to get around to it!
    Love the pouches too, you're just on fire with all the zip pouches lately! Maybe i need to make a couple to refresh the system, then back to the gypsy wife! Hope you've been enjoying your long weekend!


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