Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Rainbow Loom Bag

So... we aren't really into the whole Rainbow Loom thing. I mean, my son has got a couple bracelets from a couple girls (yep, I have a feeling that out of the three, he will be the girl magnet), but that is about the extent of it. Recently, he was asked to a birthday party by one of the girls in his class. I realized this is like the last time that a girl is going to ask him to a birthday party (well, not for the next three years surely), so I used it as an opportunity to make something girlie, and yes, YES buy girlie material (I actually had to buy some, since my stash is mainly me, Star Wars and superheroes).

And even thought the party was a "bring no presents" party, I dang well bought one, because no one was messing up my rare chance to make something for a girl (and buy girlie material)!

Enter, Rainbow Loom and a great little pattern for a case from Noodlehead, that you can find here (actually called the Road Trip Case).

I LOVED looking for material that I normally would not have a chance to explore. I ended up making two cases because I .. um.. kind of over bought and had more material than I needed (like that's a surprise). I also had no clue which material a seven year old girl would like more so I hedged my bets and made two. They easily came together in a day- and could probably be completed in less time now that I know what I am doing.

I never got a picture of one of the cases because it was gifted and off to the birthday party the moment I finished it. In fact, I ended up sewing the buttons on in the parking lot right before the party. I love the buttons even more than the fabric I think. Who doesn't like monsters and butterflies.

The other case is going to another little girl who also is into Rainbow Looms. Which leaves me with all the scraps of pretty material!


  1. Love it! Love the girlie fabrics, it's nice sometimes to have a reason to buy little girl fabrics. A friend of mine just had a little girl and i'm stoked to make dresses!

  2. Such a darling gift for girls these days.


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