Wednesday, 2 April 2014

FAL Q1 Reckoning and WIP

So.... I made a huge list of things to be accomplished for the Finish Along 2014. I swore by my big fat jeans the list would get done and well, I lost five pounds and got a few done.

So... I'm counting that as a win. I think my list might have been a little ambitious anyway. Lots of projects will be carrying over that's for sure. So... I'm counting this list as a work in progress (a tenuous connection to be sure, but I'm doing it)!

So... here it is- the tally and the reckoning:

1. Reception quilt. Done! The FMQing was fun, not perfect, but fun. The whole quilt taught me a lot. It's now on its way to my sister.

2. Star Wars quilt. Well, almost done. I am currently trying to quilt it. Then it needs a binding. I hate bindings...

3. Feathers quilt. Done! And I really love this quilt. The fabrics are some of my favourites. And even Alison Glass liked it, eeek!

4. Clam quilt. Currently this project is on the design wall. It's been there a couple of weeks, just saying.

5. 241 Tote. Done! I love the bag, although it is a little small for my needs (see "I have kids" excuse). But the pattern was easy and great. My MIL has even requested one.

6. Union Jack quilt. Pulled the fabric and promised it to my sister. Still promised, still a stack of fabric. Sigh.

7. Disapearing 9-Patch quilt. Started this for fun. Promised it to my other sister. The top is almost done. Just waiting for the fabric cartel pipeline to start funneling some backing fabric my way at the end of April.

8. Triangle quilt. I re-purposed the cushion covers from the living room for this quilt. The top is finished on this one as well. I just need to find the perfect backing.

9. First quilt ever. Done and sitting on my second son's bed.

Now, the following projects aren't really part of the FAL and don't qualify for the prizes, but I'm keeping them around to remind me to get them done.

1. Oil landscape. So close to being done and then it got painted on (yes, I know it's a painting and is suppose to be painted on, but by me, not others (guess who?)) Still hanging up on the wall awaiting some attention.

2. Olliblocks. Suppose to be done for Christmas. Done and currently all over the upstairs living room floor.

3. Smokers. They burn incense and it looks like they are smoking. It's a German tradition. I have one for Halloween and one for Christmas. Again, almost done and then some unfortunate painting happened (this time by the other guess who). Still have the unfortunate painting. Really hoping I'll get these ones done before Halloween or Christmas this year.

4. Log tables. Done, and I would love to say that our living room is no longer a jungle gym, but to boys couches are trampolines. On a bright note, I've only had to warn the boys off of them a few times (I thought it would be like a million times a day). The crack in one of the logs has widened as it has dried, which makes a perfect slot to stick a sword in to reenact a Sword in the Stone scene (or Lego to get caught in). But they are great conversation starters!

So not too terrible of a quarter. I wish all my projects were done. I also wish I had  million dollars too so...until next time, linking up with everybody this morning (Katy, Lee, and Lorna- oh yes, I can and I will)!

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  1. You have lots of projects on the go. I am especially loving your triangle quilt. And those clam shells! As a former tree climber, I have to admit, those log tables do look like a lot of fun!

  2. Your projects are lovely. Some Star Wars fan will be excited with your cute Star Wars quilt!

  3. I love the Star Wars quilt. Reading through your post I have to laugh because I could picture my boys doing all those things. =)

  4. What a list! You may not have gotten to it all but you sure did get a lot done. I like the colors for your clam shell quilt and that oil painting is pretty darn sweet! Nice work all around.

  5. Fabulous! All of it, really. I used to make lists like that for myself...but I am so slow. So now I have a super small list for the year and a giant list for my life. Lol. I love how much you have accomplished and can't wait to see your next projects. I REALLY want to see that star wars quilt done. My cousin needs that and I am loving your borders :)
    - Katelyn @ Sing While Crafting

  6. Does telling you quality over quantity help at all? :D You've got a lot of great projects going on here - especially the star wars quilt! :D

  7. The star wars quilt looks interesting! And I like the idea of playing Sword in the Stone with your new tables. Funny!

  8. Your quilts look great - in progress and finished. . . we're having fun here right? :)

    Those log tables - LOVE!!

  9. Ah! I love so many things about this post I don't even know where to start! Those quilts! And those tables! <3<3<3

  10. I think that's pretty impressive!! When I get too much unfinished stuff, I just start with the low hanging fruit. What can I do in a few days? That's the project I pick next. If I can clear three of four out, I always feel better about what is still open. You still need about 8 to match my list. :(

  11. I can't tell you how much i love your feathers quilt!! Just so gorgeous! And i love the star wars one too! Can't wait to see it all quilted up. Great job finishing off some of your list, mine's going to have quite a few rollovers to the next quarter!

  12. I'm so glad I just found your blog through M. sparkles' link up. I am so impressed!!! You've inspired me. I better get up to my sewing room ASAP. -


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