Thursday, 13 February 2014

Wedding Quilt Done Amid Maniacal Laughter and Lewis Carroll

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!" 
I am chortling in my joy.
I have slain the Jabberwock!

OK well... just this quilt.

The whole story is here.
It's finished and it is headed to my sister (soon I hope?).  

And another one bites the dust on my FAL list (insert loud maniacal laughter.. no really, I am doing it so you should really insert it, I think I just woke up a kid... So, if you have kids sleeping, don't insert maniacal laughter out loud)(sorry it's late- I do weird things when it's late)

I finished it with a scrappy binding, using what I had left over from the quilt and a couple other pieces I had laying around. I might actually be getting better at bindings? Maybe?

I did get a lot of free motion quilting practice with this quilt.  The quilting on this thing- to keep with the poem- did gyre and gimble in the wabe, and all mimsy were the borogoves (or stiching as it may be). 

There is a LOT of mimsy quilting that gyres and gimbles on this quilt (sorry once I get started with Lewis Carroll its hard to stop. When my sons (or husband) tell me I have got some superhero/sci-fi/starwars fact wrong, I throw random poetry at them. Because they can recite whole Darth Vader monologues, but they have no idea who Edgar Allen Poe is...)

Not another quilt, just the back.
Taking pictures of this quilt was a beast. The light was either too strong or not enough, the quilt was too big to hang properly, the wind started to blow, blah blah blah.... So apologies from the Canadian.

And so the quilting is crap, but oh well... that's why I kept calling it my practice quilt. And it was my first time FMQing... and I don't unpick things (lazy). So permission to FMQ without redoing anything or worrying about it too much was nice. 

Everyone should do that sometime.... and recite Lewis Carroll (just saying.... but not maniacal laughter because that wakes up kids and is weird).

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  1. Beautiful! And your quilting is amazing:-)

  2. Lovely subtle ice cream colours. Beautiful!

  3. Such a lovely quilt! Lov'in the colours and your quilting is great. I have the same philosophy - no picking out!!

  4. This is your first FMQ quilt? Huzzah! Wow, you are a natural. And definitely no ripping out allowed. Beautiful and totally worth maniacal laughter. So glad you linked up to TGIFF, Jehnny!

  5. Pink,blue and purple oh my quite lovely!!! For your first FMQ quilt this is GREAT!!! Keep at it!

  6. Yep, everything I see looks great! Thanks for encouraging me to try FMQ on my home machine again

  7. Your quilting looks wonderful for your first quilt!! Not crap at all!! The quilt is beautiful, front and back :) Resist the urge to rip - not that it is hard haha I do occasionally but only when I decide I totally made a bad design decision. . . and that don't happen too often (not that I don't make bad design decisions but in my mind not bad enough to rip!)!

  8. Pretty colors! And from what I can see of the quilting it looks good. Congrats on the finish!

  9. This turned out so gorgeous Jehn!! Your FMQ is fantastic and i love the row of squares added in.
    The back is just as awesome as the front, your sister is going to love it!
    And go on with the maniacal laughter, we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad. ;)
    Oh, and i love your new header!

  10. This quilt is really stunning Jehnny! I wouldn't guess it was your first fmq project at all. Definitely NOT "crap." Love, love, love the large chevrons and the row of squares is inspired! Well done!


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