Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Feathers WIP

So I started the blog with the intent on documenting my sons destructive exploits, but since I've started blogging they haven't really destroyed anything. In fact, I have contributed to the chaos today by deciding to move the Christmas tree outside for pickup by myself, thus knocking things over and  flinging pine needles everywhere.

And geez, if I had known that the destruction would stop as soon as I wanted to blog about it I should have started blogging years ago!! It's like one of those mommy blogs that make money, except technically I guess I'm saving money.

Although, no word of a lie, just today, the eldest traded his Ipod for a Pokemon card. That trade was quickly kiboshed by mom (meaning me- I mean really, have I taught my children nothing about making good trades!).

In other news, the creating side carries on. I was suppose to be more like Michelangelo, you know, getting things done and such (see this post), but its been all Leonardo this week. Planning, drawing,'s mostly been trying to figure out fabric selection and placement for the Feathers QAL. which means the Star Wars quilt has been relegated to the WIP pile, which keeps getting larger. ...sigh...

The design looks a little busy right now. I'm hoping the solid light grey background I chose will help that. It's my first QAL and so far it's been fun though to look through the Flickr pics of the QAL and see all the different colours people are using for their own Feathers quilt.

I was being really productive today and even cut all the background pieces, only to realize that I cut the wrong grey fabric. Which meant I bought the wrong grey fabric. When I was planning I pulled a grey from the Star Wars stash that would suit the background of this new quilt perfectly. I assumed that it was the same grey that I get from my dealer (a.k.a my friend who runs our local fabric co-op). So I got more.
But it wasn't it. And I think the difference in hue is enough to make me not want to use it.

Original pick on left, wrong grey on right.

Even though it's already all cut.

Wah!! and Hell-in-the-Montana!!!! (that's a curse word in our house curtsy of my grandfather- sorry to all those who live in  Montana. We actually like Montana.) 

But, geez again, I figure if I put so much time and effort putting the darn thing up on the wall and getting it how I want it to look then I had better use the one that looks the best. Even if that means I have to order more (my husband is going to kill me) and then wait for it to arrive (which means I'm even further behind than ever)

Anyway, if you're interested on participating, or following from afar (which is what I always used to do), click on the button below.

Feathers QAL

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  1. Hi, I'm your neighbor for WIP. HA! I have three boys, now teens, and laughed out loud at your writing about destructive boys! I'm still chuckling as I type this and think about boys.....After nineteen years raising boys, I am amazed women ever want to hook up with one! ") Big hug to you! Hnag in there, soon they'll be driving and you won't witness as much! Ha! plus, the feather idea was Intersting to check out.

    1. Haha, nice to talk to a survivor! The fact that they get to drive at some point in their lives terrifies me! I'm glad that you enjoy the blog and can relate. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ha ha! Your "dealer"! Love it! We are all fabric addicts and proud of it aren't we? ;)

    1. Yep! And my fabric transactions are getting to be more like "dealing" all the time. I text my dealer, she texts back. I meet her at her house, hand over the cash, she hands over the goods...yep, definitely the actions of an addict!

  3. Are you sure it's Hell-in-the-Montana and not just HELENA MONTANA!!??? So funny!!! Happy for you that blogging is keeping the destruction down!!! Your feathers will be gorgeous too!!

    1. Baha, thanks. And actually, I'm pretty sure it is Helena, Montana, or at least started that way. It has morphed slightly into Hell-in-the-Montana for some reason. Maybe so that we're not offending those who live there ;) But more likely because we all thought mt grandfather was saying Hell-in-the-Montana, not Helena, Montana haha! It's like singing the wrong words to a song because you thought that was what they were saying!

  4. Hey Jehnny, you're a 'No Reply Blogger' so I could respond directly to your comment on my blog, but for the FAL, it's for creative finishes, so knitting, crochet and embroidery would all also count for example! My dad did suggest entering his photographs, but I'm not sure what he'd do with a gift certificate for fabric if he won ;o) Looks like you'd be all set though!

    If you'd like to sort the 'No Reply' thing, there's a tute here:


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