Friday, 20 December 2013

Piecing Together Star Wars

I am fairly new to quilting. OK, I am new to quilting. I just started this summer. One of the first things I wanted to do was make a Star Wars quilt for my son.

In our house Star Wars and Superheroes dominate. Poor choices in behaviour are couched in terms of "remember when Anakin turned to the dark side, and remember how as Darth Vader he chose to be good again, you could too"...and if I want them to hurry, it's "let's see who's faster: Superman or Flash?", which my husband turns into an actual philosophical  discussion with the boys about who really is faster, Superman or the Flash (don't go there- just don't).

Anyway, I found a grey Star Wars print that wasn't too obnoxious and decided to use some solids along with it. I only had to chose a design. Right. Chose a design....

I think I might have Googled it, but somehow I found this FANTASTIC quilt from the blog Quiet Play. When I saw it I quietly said to myself my boys can NEVER see this. Because they would want it. Good grief, I wanted it!

Then this awesomely generous person even put all the patterns on her Craftsy shop for free! I had to do it. I downloaded...a lot...but, ultimately, reality made me chose on four for the quilt I wanted to do. The patterns are awesome. I particularly like R2-D2.

Now I only had to learn paper piecing. Which I did thanks to YouTube (Really, I learn everything from the internet. It frightens me.)

Don't hate me when I say this, but paper piecing came easily to me (way easier than...oh.. let`s motion quilting). Maybe its just the way my brain works. You get to sew down a line people. I love it! What could go wrong? (well, let's not ask loaded rhetorical questions shall we).

I even designed my own pattern for the light sabre hilt? handle? (or whatever it is, I'm sure my husband or other Star Wars fan will correct me).

This is were the quilt stands now. I keep tweaking the design.
It was suppose to be done for Christmas, but that's not going to happen. I'm not going to stress about it though. I'm sure my son will be getting enough other Star Wars/ Lego stuff that he won't even mind.

And lest you think that Star Wars "things" are sacrosanct in our house, think again.

Never underestimate the power of the force.

This is a picture of the debris that resulted from one of the boys climbing the bookcase, retrieving my husband's Star Wars collectible figures, and ripping every one of them open. He wanted to play with them. Not mint in the box anymore.

Never mind that they've sat on the high shelf for like three years now. Guess he decided it was time. It actually took him two goes to check this off his bucket list of destruction. The first time I caught him at midpoint. But he returned to the scene of the crime at a later date to finish, as most criminals are wont to do.

Welcome to the dark side of the force my friends, together we can rule the quilting galaxy!
Linking up for the first time with the blog and person that made this whole quilt possible!


  1. Woohoo! Your Star Wars quilt is looking fabulous! Star Wars is a part of our regular conversations too.

    I'm very impressed that you're new to quilting and have gotten stuck into paper piecing! I find it much easier than things like FMQ too - bit of fun once you get the hang of it!

  2. I love your blog and your intrepid style! and that wonderful quilt appearing!

  3. Fantastic - really! I've been quilting off & on for 10 years and haven't tried PPing yet.


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