Saturday, 28 December 2013

Less like Leonardo, More like Michelangelo

Disclaimer: In this post the Leonardo and Michelangelo I'm talking about are the actual artists, NOT the teenage mutant ninja turtles. My boys just wanted to let you know, in case you were disappointed, like they were. 

Leonardo DaVinci was a genius, brilliant, and a dreamer. He filled journals and canvases with his ideas, work, and creations. His one flaw, if he had one, was that he tended to start projects and then never finish them. Adoration of the Magi being a case in point. I mean if monks can't get you to finish something...
Contrast to Michelangelo, also brilliant, who tirelessly worked on one project, the Sistine Chapel, for four years. Well, on and off. Not that Michelangelo finished everything he started, but he did follow through on most even, if he did complain about some of them (Sistine Chapel) a lot.
This is a gross simplification of two men's lives, but it gets me thinking about my current state of creation.
Three ideas/variations of a quilt yet to be sewn.
I have tons of ideas I want to do, many of them started (just). I have projects in various states of completion all over! Bins of them! (Because at least I'm organized and put them in bins... there's something very ironic about that.) Everyday I think.. oh I should totally do that.., and Pinterest doesn't help. I keep buying fabric for projects that I am planning to do. I now have piles of fabric all over the place. Does anyone else do this?

Am I crazy?

I read how some people have quilts that they haven't completed in years. YEARS! Which I thought was ridiculous, how on earth could someone take that long to complete something.
Now I know.

One hindrance to me completing my projects is the state of my sewing room, which is also part of the front entrance and the first thing people see when they enter our house. Out of the chaos comes order? (I hope.)
Leonardo and Michelangelo had little boys (apprentices) that cleaned up after them, and although I have the little boys (also often called apprentices- in the Star Wars sense of course), I'm not so sure that they would or could tackle this mess.

Um.. and upon further thought, I don't want them anywhere near my sewing things.

This week has been a total Leonardo week. Lots of fun and parties (Leonardo was a party planner extraordinaire). Christmas was great, filled with lots of love and family, lots of down time and fabric (it's what I asked for). Hope yours was great too!

So looking forward to the new year, I need to be more like Michelangelo and less like Leonardo. At least for a little bit...
It's off to clean and then work on finishing something. Wish me luck!


  1. When I read the title, I was definitely thinking turtles.

    1. So sorry, it was very deceptive of me. Maybe one day I'll blog about the "real" (as my boys call them) Leonardo and Michelangelo.


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