Tuesday 8 April 2014

Finish Along Q1..I Mean Q2 List

So my list for this upcoming quarter for the the Finish Along, being hosted by Katy at The Littlest Thistle, looks a lot like the list that I posted for the first quarter. It is, it is exactly the same. Well, minus the finishes that is.

You see, today feels like spring outside, and perhaps, just perhaps, spring is on its way. And then summer. And we don't get a lot of summer. When summer comes you've got to take full advantage of that

Anyway, I decided I would be realistic this quarter (I know, I know, but I can manage to get my head out of the clouds once in a while) because I might not want to be stuck inside sewing (as much as I love sewing). And heaven knows I don't want the boys stuck inside (bad things start to happen).

So I've kept my list, and myself, to what I absolutely want and can accomplish this quarter. In other words, all the stuff I didn't manage to get done last quarter. My list is going long term, like more of a finish-it-all-over-the-four-quarters kind of thing. I'll just keep rolling over what I don't finish (which sounds ideal and pretty focused for me, so we'll see how long that lasts).

SO the list:

1. Star Wars quilt. Well, almost done. I have like two more lines of quilting and then I have to bind the sucker. My son has aided in its completion by periodically asking when it will be finished, periodically being like all the time. Hopefully, you'll see this finished this week. Friday is my deadline (but the sun is shining guarantees).

4. Clam quilt. Currently this project is on the design wall. It's coming... some more fabric that is. Every time I look at it this quilt it changes colours and design.

6. Union Jack quilt. Pulled the fabric out, looked at it, hated some of the fabric, needed more, bought more, now waiting for fabric... and time...

7. Disapearing 9-Patch quilt. Started this for fun. Promised it to my other sister. The top needs to be finished. The whole thing needs to be finished. I ordered some orange fabric for the back, even though my sister will hate the colour. Again, waiting for the fabric cartel pipeline to start funneling some backing fabric my way at the end of April (I CANNOT wait for the end of April, seriously).

8. Triangle quilt. I just need a backing to proceed on this quilt. I have probably bought more fabric this month than I ever have in my life (ordered online, coming to me, from my sister- end of April people, END OF APRIL!). But did I think to buy any for the back of this quilt. Nope. And now I have no money...

Also, the following projects aren't really part of the FAL and don't qualify for the prizes, but I'm keeping them around to remind me to get them done.

1. Oil landscape. See previous lists. I'm hoping summer and all the plants growing will provide some motivation and inspiration to just finish this piece.

2. Smokers. Again see previous list. They are sitting in a bin with a pile of paint and materials needed to finish them. The whole corner of my workspace is an eyesore. And it's taking up space. So this will probably get done soon.

And there you have it, the list for this quarter. Even if I never win anything for my finishes (cause seriously, there were like a million finishes for this last quarter- stop finishing things people, give me a chance), the FAL has been great for tracking my progress and urging me along.

So again, I will be linking up to the awesome Katy for the second quarter (of what feels like the second coming).

Finish Along 2014


  1. I love that you are discouraging others from finishing! You've made me laugh along the way while reading your list. Thank you for sharing, and I do hope you are able to finish some of your projects. The clam design is great. I love the transition from purple to golden colors. The Star Wars Quilt is fun and I can understand the anticipation of your son!

  2. I'm Canadian too eh, and I love the Star Wars quilt. I have two sons who are thankfully grown. I remember those days of destruction. Good luck finishing everything.

  3. I am also counting down to the end of April, so a bunch of fabric can leave my house. haha just kidding. It's in a corner with all the other stuff you've ordered. Big Sam has looked at all the toys.

  4. You can do it!!!! You know, if you get the fabric. Loving them all and can't wait to see those clamshells start getting stitched together! Your list seems pretty doable this quarter, you know, if the sun doesn't shine ;)
    It's the same here, we're finally able to play outside without 50 pounds of snow gear on! I don't think too much sewing is going to happen this quarter for me! Not that it's going to stop me from putting a hundred things on my list.... which i should probably finish putting together and just post!
    Good luck this quarter Jehn!

  5. Your projects all look awesome, particularly the clamshell, which caught my eye immediately in the link up. I actually thought it was the full quilt top and I loved the negative space! I adore the fabrics you've chosen for it. Happy finishing from a fellow Canadian!

  6. Star Wars, Clamshells and paintings?!?! I love everything on your list! Can't wait to see your finishes!


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