Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A Note on Blogs

So, there hasn't been much sewing or blogging going on around here for the past month or so. But I'm not going to apologize, that's just the ways it goes my friends. We've had an unbelievable summer up until this point, and if you live in this country, and you get a good summer, you make the most of it- and we have been.

Summer stuff

I did use quilts this summer though. Does that count?

So, no blogging or sewing, but in preparation for going back to school (which I did this week), I have been reading a fair amount of blogs. Probably not yours, sorry. Teacher blogs. And let me just go on a tangent (like I always do) and say that teachers have blogs figured out. If you want some examples of good blog designs that cater to their genre and niche, just peruse teacher blogs. In fact they're almost overboard. Everything matches and is cutesie (which is awesome if you like that).  Especially the kindergarten teachers.

More summer stuff and my somewhat cutesie classroom

First off, you are a special person if you teach kindergarten and like it. You are even more of a super human if you teach kindergarten, make stuff and blog about it. Seriously, waay too much work for me. But I'll gladly pay for it.

Which leads me to my next point: if you want to make money, forget fabric, make teacher stuff. It's got to be a gold mine. Just saying. (not lying check these out- here and here. Haha they'll wonder where all this traffic is coming from.).

And I might have lied a little to you when I said there hasn't been any sewing going on. There has been. A little.

 I still am trying to finish that wedding quilt for my brother. Yep. It happened (thank goodness!).

Anyway, I was all on track to get it done and then something went wrong with my darning foot. The needle was rubbing right up against the foot and would shred the thread. Then I actually started breaking needles because they would hit the foot. You may be able to see the small indentations on the foot where the needle hit it. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I got a new foot and it seems to be fine, so maybe I bent the other one. Can you even do that?

Also I didn't baste my quilt very well and had a terrible time with puckering and the backing folding over. I thought I had it all fixed and then discovered this.

Many curses were said. Well, my type of curses (we've talked about this).

So, what would you do? I've quilted quite a bit around it- like lots. Like almost the whole quilt. Do I unpick everything or play blind and oblivious and hope it fixes itself a little bit in the wash? (I have not pre-washed).

I'm going to have to unpick it aren't I? Sigh...

Anyway, I enjoyed my summer. Hope you enjoyed yours!
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  1. I hear ya on not much sewing going on. Always hard in summer when there are so many fun things to do. Or in my case, traveling. I hope you put up more pics of that wedding ring quilt. It looks so fun but I can't see much and want more. :)

  2. Looks like a good time! Glad you enjoyed your time in the world, that is after all the most important thing. :)

  3. The fun times and memories made this summer will far outlast any sewing you could have managed. Glad to see you have enjoyed it with family! Your wedding quilt is amazing!!! Sorry you have had so much trouble getting the quilting part accomplished. Seriously? If that is the only wrinkle in the backing..,,, Why not leave it? It's the back and I am sure the newlyweds will never give it a second thought.

  4. Yay for summertime fun! I would be torn about what to do for the wedding ring quilt tuck. I might leave the small pucker in the flower and unpick in the vertical lines section and smooth it down as best I could and then just move on.

  5. The pucker isn't anywhere a label could go, is it? Not that I have ever sneakily concealed a pucker with a label! Ahem!
    If the new foot is fine, perhaps the plastic bit of the old foot swivelled on its stalk.
    I think anyone who teaches children and enjoys it is a special person. I am not brave enough. I would be exhausted by lunchtime. Perhaps sooner.

  6. It sounds like you had a wonderful summer and that's what counts! Your kids will never be this age again - enjoy it while it lasts (I know, sometimes they make that hard LOL)! Your quilt is beautiful and I agree with Yvonne, reverse sew ;) those vertical lines and see how much you can smooth. And then move on. Unless your new SIL is a show quilter - she likely won't even notice!

  7. Your wedding ring quilt is coming along and is still beautiful. I've had tucks a few times and did have to unsew. But not as much as your first think. I re-quilted from the back on one. It really helped ease the fullness in and meant less unsewing. Hope this helps.

  8. Nothing is wrong with enjoying every moment of summer especially if you teach. August is like a teacher Sunday, argh! We start Monday and I have been frantically running around trying to finish my summer goals!

  9. great pics. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your summer. no idea on puckers.

  10. If you wanted to try and fix the pucker you could probably make a difference by ripping maybe 5 or 6 rows of the line stitching in the area, smoothing it out, basting the area to ease the excess in, and re-quilting that section. The giftee probably won't notice, but I would probably have to take it out for me. Good luck, whatever you decide.

  11. That quilt looks amazing! And as if double wedding ring quilts aren't difficult enough, you made it even more complicated. It really is stunning. And yeah, I've had the bent foot, broken needles thing. Unfortunately for me, it was my walking foot. How does that even happen, y'know? It looks so tough and sturdy; it's not like I stomped on it or anything. Haha oh well. Solidarity.


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