Wednesday 2 July 2014

Wedding Ring WIP (and other stuff)

So with a new month came the start of a new quilt. My brother is getting married in a month and I had planned on making him and his soon-to-be wife a double wedding quilt. I had seen the one by Victoria Findlay Wolfe  and loved it, so I wanted to make a similar one for my brother (unfortunately for me, her book on double wedding ring quilts doesn't come out until next year).

This is it so far as I got ( I apologise in advance for the photos in this post. They seem really blurry to me, but I can't seem to fix them. My husband keeps telling me we need a new monitor, maybe he's right this time :)

I didn't get much finished on it yesterday as it was Canada Day and we spent the day out at the Millarville Races.  It's kind of a country fair with a farmers market, combined with some horse races. If you've never had the experience of feeling and hearing a horse thunder past you at a million miles per hour, you should, it's something else that's for sure.

My kids rode the mechanical bull, petted goats, lambs, pigs, bunnies and chicks forever, and participated in the kid races. But by far the biggest draw was the big pile of dirt that was loaded with money for kids to dig in(in Canada our $1 and $2 denominations are in coin form). I swear they spent hours digging through that pile planning their retirement (they found two nickels).

It was about then that I wanted to be back home sewing. After all a month is not that long. I managed to finish some of the improv pieced fabric that I will use for the quilt. I keep second guessing the fabric choices and changing how I'm piecing it all together. The pile of material I pulled was enormous and gradually some of it has been axed.

I'm a little nervous as to how this is all going to come together. Hopefully there will be enough cohesive fabric to give it some unity. I'm already working with more black than I ever have before.
I also gave in and bought double wedding ring templates (instead of making my own cheap cardboard ones. It just about destroyed my inner cheap side to do so). But I have to tell you I already love them. They are going to make cutting so much easier (and probably more accurate as well).

And not everything is in the midst of chaos and cutting. I did manage to make some more pouches (seriously I need an intervention) and a snappy manicure case for my sister's birthday.

I am in love with the pattern I made for the arrows. And Essex Yarn Dyed linen in Flax goes so well with Anna Maria Horner prints (just saying).

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  1. Love your use of the echinacea print. I've edited it out of my purchases on two occasions but I keep thinking about it. Seeing your projects have sealed the deal. :D
    Looking forward to your double wedding ring. I have a thing for dark colors contrasted with just about anything, so I think it will be really interesting and cool.

  2. Oooo....can't wait to see your DWR quilt unfold as you continue to work on it. I, also, am in love with the one Victoria made! Love your pouches and snap case.

  3. Your improv piecing looks fabulous... Especially with the black. Looking forward to seeing those blocks come together. Love those super cute pouches!

  4. Your piecing looks great. Improv goes through fazes of YES! to ummm... no? for me when I try it, but in the end I've always been happy with the results. I think that's all just part of improv (and all quilting?). :)

  5. Lovely pouches and mmm what a great ruler!

  6. Love your arrows!! And your improv is fantastic, i can't wait to see this one come together!
    Awesome zip pouches too, but you know i'm a sucker for zip pouches! I'm going to need to try that manicure pouch at some point as well, my little sis would love one!

  7. You are courageous. Double wedding ring quilts kind of scare me. But even your pieces picture is artsy and in control. You're going to tock it. I look forward to seeing more of it.

  8. The colors you are working with are awesome and the black seriously makes them pop! I cannot wait to see this come together - it looks amazing already! Now stop reading comments and get back to that quilt :D hehe

  9. I love all the pouches and your strings and improv is awesome!

  10. Good luck with that wedding quilt! Love the pouches. Are they sets? I like the two pouches on the left. :) It's a really neat look on that last one for your sister with the rolled arrows. Very cool!

  11. Aieee! A month is not long for a double wedding ring, but I am sure your brother will be happy to wait if needed for such a treasure. I am glad you have the templates to help.
    Love all those pouches!
    Are the races anything like the Calgary Stampede? I enjoyed that cultural experience one year.


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