Friday 4 July 2014

Hang Your Head in Shame- FAL Q2 Reckoning

Actually it should be 'hang my head in shame' because this is where I tell you all the wonderful things that I accomplished from the Finish Along with Katy at The Littlest Thistle for the second quarter.

Um... well... not much. In fact, just one. One measly finish (see the list here).
I could tell you all the reasons why, but do you really want to hear me complain more than I probably already do. The funny thing is, I did finish quite a few things, I just didn't work on any of the projects I was suppose to.

The Star Wars quilt is my one finish. I already did a post on it (here), but to make myself feel like I did something I'm posting it again.

It's gone through quite a few washings now and I'm happy (and a little surprised) to say that the stitching has held together. I'm probably most proud of this quilt because of the back.

I came up with my own pattern for the Death Star and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out (despite all the cursing I did while piecing the sucker. And honestly, when I say cursing I mean a lot of "for Pete's sake" cause that is my cursing- because I'm just one of those people who can't curse well. I've tried, real swear words just sound ridiculous coming out of my mouth. People laugh when I swear. Well, people laugh when I say "for Pete's sake" too so...).

Anyway, the quilt is loved. Here's hoping the next few months are more productive!

And linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts!


  1. I haven't seen this one. Pretty cool design!

  2. Congratulations, Death Star is a FABULOUS quilt !

  3. Your foundation paper piecing is amazing, especially the death star! Well Done!

  4. Dont hang your head in shame, your star wars quilt is so amazing

  5. You are my quilting hero! I can't let my husband and sons see this quilt -- they will want one, too. And I can tell this was a true labor of love. Wow. Brilliant.

    1. Thanks Michelle! I may have started something with this quilt because now my husband and other son complain that they don't have quilts!

  6. Awww, no shame in life getting in the way and changing up priorities. Thanks for re-sharing the Star Wars quilt; I think it is super fantastic!

  7. I often say 'rude words'. Yes, instead of saying words that are rude or even 'for Pete's sake', I exclaim, 'Oh! Rude words!'
    That Star Wars quilt is worth six 'ordinary' quilts at least. It is so cool!

  8. I love this!!!! A fantastic way to 'only' do 4 blocks, but still get a decent size quilt. But the picture of your son with it is my favorite -- exactly as this quilt should be used. :D

  9. Oh, but that one finish is so cool, congrats!

  10. | find my productivity levels drop significantly in the summer and have recently decided that i'm fine with it. Sort of.. I mean if i did have a few more hours in the day that would be cool. Or if someone could take the littles for an hour or two a day that too would be cool. And your curse words are similar to mine. My most used is 'son of a nutcracker!'
    Still love this quilt so much! And it was your death star that brought me here to your blog (saw it in the link up over at Quiet Play and had to check it out!) so i have this awesome quilt to thank for us being friends!


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